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For Travel suppliers:Paris trip - Moulin Rouge
We are a well organized travel club. We request proposals from travel wholesalers/suppliers and also consider packages presented to us. Our groups generally range from 10 to 60+. The majority of our trips sell out fast and close more than sixty days in advance of the trip. We require exceptional value, aggressively priced group packages and in return we offer you:

  • A single point of contact
  • On time/schedule deposits and payments by teller/bank check
  • Electronic & wire transfers in any currency
  • Contacts in Boston, New York, Dublin & London 
  • Our own online reservation system
  • Detailed reports in MS Excel of passport names, room types, roommates, bedding requirements, extensions, etc. that are verified on-line by each individual member before being sent to you.
  • TSA secure flight data
  • Group leaders that are involved up front as well as on the trip
  • A understanding of your reservation process (D90 requirements, schedule/time-line, cancellation and changes, extensions, tours, etc.)
  • Ticket and document distribution to travelers
  • Purchase of major tours/excursions, lift tickets, scuba dives, etc. prior to departure 
  • We encourage and can arrange for FAM trips by the group leaders prior to finalizing and promoting the trip









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